German MNC in Pumps wanted to Identify Partners

A German multinational pump company operating in India sought to expand its presence in the Indian solar market and decided to explore acquisition opportunities within the solar sector. They engaged Infogence to conduct the necessary exercise.

Experienced consultants from Infogence were assigned to identify potential target companies based on the selection criteria provided by the client. After a thorough evaluation, Infogence presented a shortlist of five companies for further detailed analysis. This analysis encompassed various aspects, including financial performance (such as turnover, profit, working capital, and debts/loans), complete organization structure, employee count and salary levels, manufacturing infrastructure (capacity and utilization), customer and market base, organization setup (experience, geographical reach, product portfolio), and the willingness of the companies for acquisition.

Infogence delivered comprehensive profiles of the shortlisted companies to the client, along with a recommendation for the most suitable acquisition target. The client carefully reviewed the detailed analysis report and, based on the insights provided, proceeded to sign an agreement with the recommended company.

Thanks to Infogence’s diligent efforts and expertise, the client successfully identified and acquired a company that aligned with their goals in the Indian solar market. Infogence played a crucial role in facilitating the acquisition process, providing invaluable insights and recommendations that enabled the client to make informed decisions and forge a strategic partnership.

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