Competitive Benchmarking

At Infogence, we specialize in providing businesses with comprehensive competitive benchmarking services, enabling you to gain a competitive edge in your industry. Our data-driven approach and industry expertise empower you to understand your competitors, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to outperform the competition.

Thorough Competitive Landscape Assessment: We conduct a thorough assessment of your competitive landscape, analyzing key competitors, their strengths, weaknesses, market positioning, and strategies. This in-depth analysis provides you with valuable insights into the competitive landscape, allowing you to understand market dynamics and make informed decisions.

Comparative Analysis: Our expert analysts compare your business against industry peers and competitors on various critical factors such as product offerings, sales, operating cost, profits, products & services pricing, distribution channels, customer experience, marketing campaigns, and more. This analysis helps identify areas where your business excels and areas where improvement is needed, providing a benchmark for performance evaluation.

Identify Best Practices: Through our competitive benchmarking process, we identify best practices employed by top-performing competitors. We analyze successful strategies and tactics utilized by industry leaders, allowing you to learn from their success and adapt those practices to your own business.

Strategy Recommendations: Based on the insights gained from competitive benchmarking, our strategic recommendations help you differentiate your offerings, refine your value proposition, and develop effective tactics to outperform the competition.

You can seek answers to key questions such as –

  • Where do my products and services stand compared to competitors?
  • What are the ways to gain a competitive edge?
  • What is driving my competitor’s growth?
  • What are my improvement areas compared to competitors?

Contact us to schedule a consultation and discover how our expertise in competitive benchmarking can help you outperform your competition and achieve sustainable growth.

Competition Tracking

Competitive tracking is an ongoing process. Through secondary research, we provide continuous monitoring of the competitive landscape, keeping you informed of industry trends, new entrants, and changing customer preferences. This ongoing insight enables you to stay agile and adjust your strategies to maintain a competitive advantage.

Define Key Competitors: We work closely with you to identify your key competitors in the industry. This includes both direct competitors who offer similar products or services and indirect competitors who may address the same customer needs through alternative solutions.

Monitor Industry Trends and News: Our team keeps a close eye on industry trends, market developments, and news related to your competitors. We leverage various sources such as industry publications, news outlets, social media platforms, and competitor websites to gather relevant information.

Analyze Competitor Strategies: We analyze the strategies and tactics employed by your competitors. This includes evaluating their product offerings, pricing strategies, marketing campaigns, distribution channels, customer engagement initiatives, and any other relevant factors that contribute to their competitive advantage.

Track Performance Metrics: We track and analyze the performance metrics of your competitors, such as market share, sales growth, people movements, ESG initiatives etc