Infogence provides a wide array of risk assessment services aimed at assisting businesses in identifying and minimizing potential risks that could adversely affect their operations and reputation. Our specialized solutions encompass an array of areas, such as rumor confirmation, litigation checks, counterfeit monitoring, and comprehensive background checks.

Our due diligence and risk assessment assignments have been successfully conducted in multiple countries Asia (India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh), Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines) Africa (D R Congo, Gabon), Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia), Israel, Americas (Canada). We employ thorough source enquiries to ensure accurate and reliable information gathering.

Investigative Due Diligence

When it comes to making informed business decisions, trust and accuracy are paramount. Our team of skilled investigators and analysts is here to provide you with comprehensive investigative due diligence solutions. We meticulously gather, verify, and analyze crucial information to help you evaluate potential business partners, investment opportunities, or other entities. With our rigorous investigative approach and access to extensive databases, we uncover hidden risks, uncover undisclosed information, and validate the credibility of individuals and organizations. Our reports are tailored to your specific needs, providing you with a clear understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with your business ventures. Trust us to safeguard your interests with our thorough and reliable investigative due diligence solutions.

Strategic Intelligence

Strategic intelligence is a process of collecting and analysing information in structured way so that organisations can make well-informed, forward-looking decisions that align to their long-term goals. At Infogence, we conduct this through detailed primary research and field visits.
Strategic Intelligence helps businesses identify potential opportunities, anticipate challenges, and make informed choices that align with their long-term goals and vision. It also provides an opportunity for organizations to be proactive in their decision-making, rather than being reactive to external situations.

Rumor Confirmation

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, rumors and misinformation can spread quickly, potentially harming brand’s reputation. Our consultancy employs advanced monitoring tools and techniques to identify and confirm rumors circulating about businesses. We conduct thorough investigations, gathering accurate information and providing timely responses to address false claims, protect brand’s image, and maintain trust among respective stakeholders.

Litigation Checks

Legal disputes and litigation can have significant financial and reputational implications for your business. Our consultancy conducts comprehensive litigation checks to identify any ongoing or past legal cases involving your company. We analyze court records, public databases, and other relevant sources to provide you with a clear understanding of potential legal risks and enable you to make informed decisions.

Counterfeit Monitoring

Counterfeit products pose a serious threat to businesses, undermining brand reputation, customer trust, and revenue. Our consultancy offers proactive counterfeit monitoring services to help you detect and combat counterfeit activities. Through advanced technology and extensive market intelligence, we identify potential counterfeiters, monitor online platforms and marketplaces, and take swift action to protect your brand and customers from counterfeit products.

Background Checks

When planning to employ senior executives, conducting thorough background checks is essential to mitigate risks and ensure the credibility of individuals involved. We perform comprehensive background checks using a variety of reliable sources to verify identities, professional histories, and reputations. This helps you make informed decisions and minimize potential risks.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and discover how we can assist you in conducting thorough risk assessments, including investigative due diligence, strategic intelligence, rumor confirmation, litigation checks, counterfeit monitoring, and background checks, to safeguard your business.