Identification of Ideal Business Model for DG Sets in Mid East & SAARC for Fortune 500 Technology Corporation

A Fortune 500 technology corporation sought to determine the optimal business model for their diesel generator (DG) sets, specifically whether it would be more advantageous to assemble the DG sets offshore or export ready-to-install DG sets. To assist them in making an informed decision, Infogence conducted a thorough analysis of the existing business models prevalent in the market.

Using their expertise, Infogence examined various factors such as market conditions, client requirements, and unique circumstances. By mapping these factors, Infogence was able to identify the most suitable business model for implementation.

As a result of the analysis, the client received comprehensive insights, including ideal business models for each country, an attractiveness index for different markets, and information on import-export regulations. These findings enabled the client to make informed decisions regarding their DG sets business, taking into account the specific conditions of each target market.

With Infogence’s support, the client gained clarity on the best business model for their DG sets, allowing them to optimize their operations and capitalize on market opportunities. By aligning their strategy with the identified models and considering the attractiveness index and regulations, the client was well-positioned to enter new markets and maximize their success.

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