Market Assessment and Competition Benchmarking for a Marking and Coding Leader


A trusted global manufacturer of product identification and traceability solutions was experiencing a decline in revenue due to customers choosing competitors’ products and services over their own. To address these challenges and find solutions, the company decided to assess the marking and coding market while benchmarking themselves against competitors. Their goal was to evaluate market size, technological advancements, end-user industries, total installed base, applications, competitors’ service offerings, and profiles, with the aim of identifying potential opportunities for market entry.

Infogence played a pivotal role in providing comprehensive support throughout this process. They delivered the necessary insights and recommendations, focusing on improving service and consumables delivery, organizational structure, overall product offerings, and associated costs. Taking these recommendations into account, the company implemented changes to their organization structure and delivery model, including switching logistics vendors.

As a result of these initiatives, the company has witnessed positive outcomes. They have experienced an increase in repeat customers and successfully retained a few customers who were considering discontinuing their services. These improvements have paved the way for enhanced competitiveness in the market and positioned the company for future success.

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